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VPA PRO is a set of software modules that allows building automation systems based on Omneon media servers. It supports external device control and supplementary software modules («plug-ins») for extended functionality like playlist import, as run log export, upload list and media upload/off-load control.
Datasheets / VPA PRO
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Entry-level broadcast automation solution based on Omneon MediaDeck media server meant for budget-limited TV stations. Low start-up costs. The solution delivers basic functionality of recording, packaging and playback of media materials according to a frame-accurate playlist. The solution provides for media materials and playlists upload via LAN.
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Multi-channel broadcast network based on Omneon MediaDeck or Omneon Spectrum media server. High reliability and low operating costs. The solution provides for media materials and playlists upload via data transmission network (DTN) and removable media. Remote control and monitoring are available as add-on components.
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VIDI MMP LiveMaster

VIDI MMP Live Master offers full-cycle workflow for production and broadcasting of sophisticated programs in various broadcasting environments such as TV, Radio, Internet, IP and Mobile networks. The set of software modules effectively meets the requirements of news and entertainment production and broadcasting both for traditional TV broadcasters and present-day converged mass media.
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VIDI MMP ArchiveMaster

Fault-tolerant MAM systems are designed to unite various operations (non-linear editing systems, broadcasting system) into one complex workflow infrastructure. The solution has the ability to convert media material and metadata in various formats, to maintain media files QC and media materials delivery via wide area network (WAN). Reduced costs of media materials archiving.
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News production and transmission digital systems. The solution allows geographically distributed operations. Access to the system, video materials transmission to the head office, texts and video archiving operations, live broadcasting via IP are available for news gatherers in any part of the world. Newsrooms offer flexibility in the number of workstations and enable full-blown functionality for planning and creation of rundowns and scripts, media materials selection and editing and also live studio control (news automation).
IBM and ZAO Medit profi team up to transform Russia's Channel 5 (IBM)
ZAO Medit Profi and IBM help improve TV newsgathering, broadcast efficiency and competitiveness in Russia (IBM)

VIDI MMP EditMaster

Fault-tolerant network non-linear editing systems and cluster calculations systems with support of hierarchical storage of media materials. The solution is meant for deployment of high-performance production suites to process high volumes of media content.
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VIDI MMP ArchiveKeeper

Digital video archive solutions are meant for migrating old magnetic disk drives and video tapes subject to deterioration to high quality digital files. The solution provides for media materials preservation in uncompressed formats compliant with ISO1472:2003 standards. The materials are archived in 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 formats without loss of quality (digital replica). The solution manages video transmission and converts media materials in MPEG-4, HDV, DV formats into digital files in formats commonly used in the broadcast industry such as QuickTime, AVI, DIF, OMF, M2V. Ease of integration with restoration systems.
The solution is designed to preserve legacy content such as old films and TV programms currently on tapes.

VIDI MMP Transmit

Geographically distributed transmission systems of media materials provide for media materials exchange via low-speed IP networks (Internet). The solution performs video distribution, allows media content management and delivery from any part of the world.