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For all System Integration companies who use Omneon media servers

System Integration companies are welcome to use our universal solution for controlling Omneon media servers. VPA is meant for a wide range of tasks and can control both Omneon MediaDeck and Omneon Spectrum servers.
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VPA Project Background

The VPA project started in 2005 as a simple broadcast automation system for a small satellite TV company. Since 2007 VPA is being used as a secondary record-and-replay server by 4 live studios of one of the national news channels.

For these years VPA has proved to be a highly reliable solution (the playlist is isolated within Omneon media server – not in the controlling subsystem). VPA has also shown good abilities to share one and the same Omneon server with other automation software without any interference.

The next step was VPA integration with MAM and NAS systems to add media materials preparation functions. In this configuration VPA has no access to Omneon media ports and is used for playlists import and converting, media files preparation, playlists packaging and error checking.

What is VPA today?

Now VPA is a universal software product that allows creating broadcast automation systems, scheduled record systems, Time Delay systems (regional ad insertion), and repeat server for live studios.

The key benefit of VPA is that it can be used for video archiving and broadcast media preparation systems automation. It works seamlessly both with clips located on the Omneon media server and on any other network file storage. External plug-in modules provide seamless transfer of media data between the Omneon media storage and the external NAS and MAM systems.

Why choose VPA?

Apart from the above-mentioned functional benefits, VPA also has a number of attractive features for system integrators, enabling easy system installation, service and high-level interoperability with external systems and devices.

These features are:
  • Modular structure saves customer’s money on unused functions. Additional functions are acquired as software modules and installed if needed.
  • Because of open specification VPA is easily integrated with external systems (traffic-systems, NRCS, video archives – there are limitations for creating interoperability plug-ins.
  • Rapid installation allows solving urgent issues that had to be done «yesterday». That is where VPA takes the lead – only two or three days needed to deploy a simple solution of several NLEs, one Omneon MediaDeck and one network file-server. For the next two or three months this entry-level solution can be smoothly extended into a full-featured production solution by adding extension modules, CG and video archiving systems.

Maintenance and support are provided within support program for VPA Partners: free trial versions, access to database of ready-made solutions and software modules, consultancy services, project design, installation and configuration, partner training and certification, end user training, warranty/post warranty maintenance and support, made to order software modules development.

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