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Media IT Profy at IBC’2016
Media IT Profy is attending IBC 2016 — September, 9-13.

We invite you to visit us at the stand 7.J43 (Hall #7) for an informative presentation of the «» private cloud newsgathering and production system.
Media IT Profy at IBC’2015
Media IT Profy is attending IBC’2015 — 11 to 15 September.

Please visit us at the stand 7.J43, Hall #7 to see presentation of our private cloud newsgathering and production system «».
Media IT Profy at IBC’2014
Media IT Profy is attending IBC’2014 — 12 to 16 September. Please visit us at the booth 9.A10, Hall #9 to see presentation of our private cloud newsgathering and production system «»
24.01.2014 Production version 6.1.13 is out
New functions:
  • Added display of synch-object’s video clip name (tool-tip in News & block text in DAM)
  • Added News data backup support
  • Added automatic assignment of DEC Blocks fields from Decoration Clipboard when feeding story from DAM. Fields are set from the first Block in the Decoration Clipboard having corresponding name.
  • Added automatic set of «Video ready» flag for Blocks when feeding Story from DAM
  • Added link to open same product interface as the active one
  • Added ability to navigate to random results page in DAM
  • Added «Share» device for manually sharing clips with external systems
  • Added passing Story source clips color marks to Adobe Premiere NLE
  • Added «@» symbols to allowed characters list for system user names
  • Added option to create clips catalogues in DAM using equality condition on clip’s attributes
  • Added option to set DAM UI display format for DATE attributes for users & groups
  • Added option to feed clips from search results. Users must have special «SEARCH_RIGHTS» FEATURE defined in order to achieve that option
  • Added DAM Omneon device «ALLOWED_MEDIA_EXTENSIONS» option limiting media files container formats, that are allowed to feed to Blocks

Fixed errors:
  • Fixed News error assigning users to Issue/Story sometimes ended with an error message «Cannot find any users»
  • Improved News log messages when moving Story between Issues
  • Fixed News error disabling keyboard navigation after filling DEC Block fields from Decoration Clipboard
  • The «lrvvideofile» Blocks’ field is kept unchanged now when manually changing the «videofile» field
  • Fixed Google Chrome v32 compatibility
  • Fixed News security flow allowing any user to alter server configuration
  • Fixed News error leaving Storyboard was working only after second click on «leave editor» button
  • Fixed DAM performance issue when there were more than several thousand orders in the system
  • Fixed DAM error caused broken symlinks to already archived Stories accumulated in the «Story tags» catalogue
  • Fixed DAM error caused orders for sources and items for already archived Stories to accumulate in the system
  • Fixed DAM interface hang-up with «Loading...» message on browsing deleted folder
  • Fixed DAM error when some orders for remote DAM server delivery were not approved and stayed with «On disk» status forever
  • Fixed DAM error caused SQL-DB CLIPS table being initialized without default values
  • Fixed DAM ’repair mediaman list’ utility results differ from DAM media-manager module logic
  • Fixed DAM Disk Extender module allowed storing HRV media layer only
  • Increased DAM-News sync speed
03.10.2013 Production version 6.1.12 is out
New functions:
  • Added «Create Story from template» command
  • Added «goto next block» & «goto previous block» buttons in Storyboard
  • Added .TS & .M4A containers support for Adobe Premiere NLE
  • BLOCKS filter in News opens blocks and stories news angles
  • Added Block text syntax highlighting for read-only Blocks also

Fixed errors:
  • Fixed visual bug with editing issue/story/block names in News
  • Fixed visual bugs in News system statistics screen
  • Removed «Duration» heading in News Projects screen
  • Fixed Tab-key navigation in Storyboard
  • Fixed «Text approved» flag switch error in Storyboard
  • Fixed News Issues & Stories errors count display
  • Increased default video player size in Storyboard
  • Fixed Backspace-key was not blocked when displaying News pop-up dialogs
  • Fixed error not highlighting active product in Products menu
  • Fixed error allowing deleting clip media with special .meta-file placed to var/shared/in/ folder
  • Fixed DAM «Create block» operation was always disabled in the menu
  • Fixed LRV player error not showing audio waveforms when viewing clip for the first time
  • Fixed DAM error not allowing space symbol input into TAGLIST attributes when in Table view
02.09.2013 Production version 6.1.11 is out
New functions:
  • Allows manually setting News Block’s video file name within News interface
  • Added «videoeditor» Block attribute
  • Added DAM «Show in News» button to Destination control. Also added «Show in News» command to folder tree context menu
  • Added more options to configure DAM catalogs for TYPE=DATE attributes. Allow nested catalogs like «year/month/day» or «year-month/day» or just «year/month»
  • DAM «Archive Storied» catalog is replaced with «Rundown Archive». The new catalog keeps Aired Stories grouped by the original Issues structure
  • Added simple search view configuration parameters thay allow enabling single checkbox element with a label to be shown together with search field in UI. Both checkbox states (on & off) can alter search options
Fixed errors:
  • Fixed issue where LRV player video loading progress bar was sometimes drawn outside of the player area
  • Fixed LRV player error when video froze on clips longer than 10 minutes
  • DAM «Feed Story» operation was resetting Story’s owner and newssource attributes. Also blocks’ «video-server channel» attribute was reset for newly created story’s blocks
  • Clip’s Author (the user, who has originally uploaded clip to the DAM system) was set as a videoeditor for the News Block, when Feeding clip to that News Block.
  • Fixed error when Story «Source Clips» count indicator in the News UI showed less number of clips than one could simultaneously see in the corresponding DAM Story folder.
  • In some rare cases, the Item clip fed to Block folder in the DAM system never appeared in the News system. The data about that clip was not sent from DAM to News due to the IPC error in DAM. Fixed.
  • Renamed News «Text Editor» to «Storyboard»
  • Fixed News Storyboard multiple errors when using captions editing functions. Captions display style is also changed — all captions’ fields are displayed in one line
  • Added tool-tips to Issues’ & Stories’ planned & actual durations. A tool-tip shows detailed information about Issues’ airtime & duration.
  • Fixed Block’s text locking error appeared when the user was logged out while editing Block’s text
  • Fixed auto-save error in Storyboard
  • Fixed News interface not displaying all changes made by other users.
  • Fixed News & DAM web-UI compatibility issue with Apple® iPad®
  • Fixed error disallowing issue date year other than current system time year
  • Deleted Stories clean-up procedure changed to lower DAM/News sync load
  • Fixed error caused DAM to keep deleted Blocks & Stories descriptor clips, so these clips accumulated in the system
  • Fixed DAM error when line breaks during editing clips’ meta-data were replaced with a sequence of «\n» symbols and displayed annoying error message to the user
  • Fixed error where DAM Search page took long time to load searching for all clips in the system by default. This behaviour is now changed, Search page shows empty result on empty query, search Search page opens instantly. To search for all clips in the system one still can use single star-sign search query («*»).
  • Fixed error that caused visually duplicate Item clips appear in the Stories being fed from DAM
  • Fixed DAM error when updating multiple clips’ Tags in Table view
  • Fixed DAM error creating catalog for clips with multiple Tags values
  • Fixed DAM error allowed only one TYPE=TAGLIST attribute
  • Fixed DAM error displaying wrong «Total DB size» in admin System Statistics page
  • Fixed DAM error discarding second mono audio-track in the source MXF-movie when re-wrapping that MXF to MOV. Now both source MXF-movie mono-tracks are muxed into one stereo audio-track in the destination MOV
  • Fixed DAM error on clips in other than MXF format put into shared/mxf-in incoming directory. These clips are now passed through to shared/in incoming directory
  • Fixed DAM API error when MediaClient for OmneonDDR application approved clip delivery to video-server using MaterialID instead on ClipID (see Rundown module CLIP_OUTPUT_MATERIAL_ID configuration option)
  • Fixed DAM dynamic folder tree update in MediaClient for NLE applications
  • Fixed DAM error not removing empty clip folders from device shared folder
  • Fixed DAM support for some clips formats delivery to NLE. Added formats: m2ts, m4v, wmv, 3gp, wma, aac, flv, jpeg/jpg
  • Fixed DAM «Feed Story» operation speed
  • Fixed DAM error where «Feed Story» operation created error orders for Story source clips that were never processed
  • Fixed error where DAM MediaManager process froze after 10 minutes of work and than was restarted automatically
  • Fixed error when DAM SpoolerOrders processes configuration was broken and did not allow defining any pools
  • Fixed error where DAM Orders view was not using page-back/page-forward control
  • Fixed support for RHEL6/CestOS6 operating systems
02.05.2013 Production version 6.1.10 is out
Fixed errors:
  • Update News «Issue» screen design
  • Fixed News login screen error message «Cannot initialize images for view with id ’’»
  • Fixed News error caused discarding recent text changes in synch-object when moving focus rapidly from text edit window to synch-object edit window and pressing «Apply» button there
  • Increased News speed on «Delete Issue» and «Delete Story» operations
  • Fixed News missing keyboard focus for BKG Blocks
  • Fixed News refreshing «Rundown» UI screen updated whole page on any update in any Issue
  • Fixed News Block text was not unblocked when leaving Text Editor using browser’s «Go Back» method
  • Fixed News allow drag-drop to move Titles and synch-objects in Text Editor
  • Fixed News add «list» Title field type
  • Fixed News error in «Assigned Chrono» field for newly created Issues
  • Fixed News removed «Item fed» flag and added «To NLE» flag
  • Added News keyboard shortcut («Del») for removing Stories and Blocks
  • Fixed News Text Editor error «Undo/Redo» functions stopped working when navigating between Blocks
  • Fixed News Story topic and Blocks positions were not set when feeding Stories from DAM
  • Fixed News Blocks order was not editable by Story authors
  • Fixed News Stories users’ roles (authors, talents, editors, etc.) were reset for Stories created by template
  • Fixed Playout support for showing only Rundown Issues and hiding Desktops
  • Added option to import clips from DAM to Adobe Premiere NLE using Final Cut Pro XML Interchange format. It’s possible to import whole Story folders or just selected clips
  • Added option to deliver clips to video-server using media ID instead of clip ID. This allows to reduce video-server load if Rundown contains lots of replays
  • Added DAM new attribute type — a tag list. This attribute allows multiple tags from a preconfigured values list to be assigned to the clip. DAM also allows catalog creation for tag list attributes
  • Added DAM support for re-wrapping MXF OP1-A XDCAM 4:2:2 without recoding into Self-Contained QuickTime movies suitable for playout with Omneon video-servers
  • Fixed DAM error with sorting some folders in the tree
  • Fixed DAM error when opening folder in the tree scroll focus jumped to some random tree element
  • Fixed DAM search field did not accept «Space» character
  • Fixed DAM «Feed Story» operation reset Story authors except first one were reset
  • Fixed MediaClient application default window size
20.03.2013 Production version 6.1.9 is out
Fixed errors:
  • Fixed News configuration users’ roles validation
  • Fixed News bug with text blocking in Text Editor while navigating using browser «Back» method
  • Fixed News bug allowed editing block text in Text Editor after «Text Accepted» flag is set
  • Fixed bug allowed feeding clips to «Story templates»
  • Increased News speed on «Delete Issue» operation, saving edited fields data, refreshing «Rundown» screen, keyboard navigation
  • Fixed News logout by timeout
  • Changed News Story background color: make it always dark — either it is open or closed
  • Increased DAM/News synchronization speed
  • Fixed DAM «Feed Story» operation in compliance with the documentation
  • Fixed DAM to always clone Items clips attached to News blocks
03.03.2013 Production version 6.1.7 is out
Fixed errors:
  • Fixed News Story/Block focus visual bug when refreshing interface
  • Fixed News error in copy/move Story/Block dialogs
  • Fixed News error that allowed to change Block text without entering editing mode. This caused losing text changes when moving focus to different Block
  • Fixed News wrong tool-tip text for Sync comment when printing Issue
  • Fixed News copying Block text to clipboard, did not copy Syncs’ & Titles’ time-codes
  • Fixed News printing subsystem (multiple fixes)
  • Fixed News now allows copy print preview text to clipboard
  • Fixed News auto-save in Text Editor
  • Removed «Issuer set» message when setting Issuer
  • Removed blocking DDR field when «Block ready» flags is set
  • Fixed News default confirm dialogs button focus from «Cancel» to «OK»
  • Removed stale unused buttons from News tool-bar
  • Fixed News «Remove Issue» dialog visual bugs
  • Fixed News Text Editor error on some Unicode characters
  • Fixed News wrong Story errors reported
  • Added tool-tip with error description to Story errors counter
  • Added «Show/Hide BKG Block» switch state visual indication
  • Fixed move keyboard focus on the next Story/Block when removing Story/Block using keyboard shortcuts
  • Add News Text Editor font size control
  • Fixed News was not checking if the Block text is already blocked when using In-line Editor
  • Fixed News Blocks Clipboard was not showing all saved Blocks
  • Fixed News error when setting issuer for Desktop. Now any reporter can be set as a Desktop issuer
  • Fixed News error when initializing in-line video player
  • Fixed News error when Title text contained double-quote symbol
  • Added News configuration parameter «set_posts_for_background». If this parameter is set then
  • Fixed error displaying different sets of clips in DAM Story folder and News Text Editor.
  • Fixed audio waveforms display for embedded-audio LRV
  • Fixed DAM GeoSync module SHARE_RULES configuration parameter processing error
  • Fixed DAM error with accumulating empty clip folders in the incoming folder
  • Fixed DAM wrong clips sort order for Story folders error
  • Fixed error with missing audio tracks when creating embedded-audio LRV
  • Increased DAM left panel maximum size
  • Fixed DAM error when simultaneously using more than one type of NLE device associated with Story folders
  • Increased DAM «Choose destination folder» dialog open speed
  • Fixed performance issue when opening «Send dialog» in MediaClient application
  • Improved MP4 video container support
  • Fixed DAM error when opening LRV player with double-clicking on clip’s thumbnail image audio was playing
16.01.2013 Production version 6.1.6 is out
Fixed errors:
  • Fixed mis-setting user as Block writer when setting him/her as Story author
  • Fixed visual bug when re-selecting same Destination as the one already selected
  • Fixed DAM order owner when sending clips from MediaClient application to News Block
  • Fixed Feeders group members can see and manage all DAM orders
  • Fixed Item clips in Story folders are always available for NLE and within News Text editor
  • Fixed DAM clip-sync sending module («GeoSync»)
10.01.2013 Production version 6.1.5 is out
Fixed errors:
  • Fixed bug with «missing media» error indication for Block types incapable to have media assigned
  • Fixed Story menu «Feed clips» error
  • Fixed update LRV for clips assigned to News Blocks
  • Fixed save selected Destination when navigate between «Browse» and «Search» screens
  • Fixed «Set as Destination» folder tree context menu item in DAM
  • Fixed disable pop-up windows when serving MediaClient application
  • Fixed visual bug when logged in user’s name does not fit in UI markup
  • News/DAM UI visual consistency improvements
29.12.2012 Production version 6.1.4 is out
Fixed errors:
  • Fixed News «Deleted stories» and «Air design clipboard» desktops visual lag with stories display
  • Fixed Story name created from DAM according to system documentation
  • Fixed «Create Block with clip» DAM function
  • Fixed default access rights for «All stories» folder
27.12.2012 Production version 6.1.3 is out
New functions:
  • Add support for Avid Liquid NLE. Allow receiving selected clips or all clips in the current folder for network editing

Fixed errors:
  • Add option to assign video-server channel to Block. The VS Channel control is located after the Block title (only for Block types that can contain video — PKG, VO, VOT, DEC, BKG). Add «Auto-set channels» button in the Issue’s header. This button automatically sets every channel described in «ddr» configuration parameter alternately to each Blocks of the Issue (skipping incompatible, disabled and already played Blocks). Both changes only apply if there is at least one video-server channel («ddr») defined and «use_vidi_playout» parameter is set in the configuration
  • User experience improvements in Text editor — outline selected collection and selected clip within a collection, outline current input fields when changing sound-on-tape/collection/caption object attributes
  • Fixed bug in configuration editor caused system malfunction after saving configuration
  • Changed keyboard navigation in Text editor. TAB key now moves keyboard focus from collections/clips panel to video player and Text edit area. Other navigation is performed using arrow-keys
  • Fixed clip’s author display in DAM from author’s Login to author’s Name
  • Fixed waveforms extraction for clips in RawDV+2xPCM(wav/aif) format
12.12.2012 Production version 6.1.2 is out
Fixed errors:
  • Text editor was loosing keyboard focus when switching between «Text» and «Text 1» tabs
  • Text editor keyboard focus jumped from selected clip to «All clips» control or Text edit area after switching to another browser tab/window and back
  • Text editor syntax changes
  • Text editor context icon changed from Block icon(incorrect) to icon used with Issue name (correct)
  • Changed undefined Caption/collection title from  «Not defined» to «not»
  • Fixed System Administration documentation visual appearance
  • Fixed News configuration «titler.addr» parameter — relative titler URLs now allowed
  • Fixed News API method «arabesque_get_delta_v2» support for «get objects by list of object paths» function
  • Fixed bug when editing multiple clips attributes in DAM — sometimes TrimIN/TrimOUT values were reset for all selected clips
  • Fixed Block author display in DAM from author’s Login to author’s Name
  • Fixed showing keyboard shortcuts for «Select all» control in DAM
03.12.2012 Production version 6.1.1 is out
Fixed errors:
  • Error settings trim-in/trim-out for clips having clip-in different from 00:00:00:00.
  • Updated video player design.
  • Removed pop-up error message for clips not found in Text editor.
  • Playing clip in Text editor stops on trim-in/trim-out marks
  • Fixed error with sticky trim-in/trim-out values when selecting clips in Text editor.
  • Changed keyboard shortcuts for Text editor «Apply» button from «Ctrl+Alt+i» to «Ctrl+Alt+>»
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Text editor to set trim-in («Ctrl+Alt+I») and trim-out («Ctrl+Alt+O») marks
  • Changed keyboard shortcuts from «Ctrl+<digit>» to «Ctrl+Alt+<digit>» because of conflict with Chrome default shortcuts
  • Updated Text editor syntax
  • Fixed «Comment text» function error in Text editor when commenting part of the word
  • Fixed Text editor «Collection» panel display bugs
  • Removed alert when navigating away from any page Text Editor providing that user has unsaved changes
  • Fixed wrong tooltip for «Issue size» control (was «Story size»)
  • Fixed Story authors menu visual bug with many authors is Issue screen
  • Fixed Player visual bugs in Issue screen
  • Show caption/collection title as «Not defined» if its type is undefined
  • Fixed wrong alert for a user with Viewer access rights when accessing News Blocks
  • Fixed broken «arabesque_get_delta» API method
  • Fixed News Story order changes were not always visible in DAM interface
  • Fixed bug when editing multiple clips attributes in DAM — the «Save changes» button was not working
  • Fixed keyboard focus was lost after «Save changes» button in DAM Table view
  • Fixed "Select all"/"Deselect all" control tooltips in DAM
  • Fixed DAM pop-up player waveforms display
  • Fixed logout from all other windows when logging out from any
  • News system web-interface speed improvements
  • News/DAM UI visual consistency improvements Cloud released in Public Beta (version 6.1.0)
A Public-Beta release of our Cloud solution for broadcasters. Please request your demo logins. Cloud released in closed Beta
A closed-Beta release of our new Cloud solution for broadcasters. New scalability options provide you resources on demand to avoid overpayments — whether you want to build your own Cloud environment or use the Cloud environment provided at project data centers.
Open (Public) Beta is on the way.
Demo of the functional prototype at IBC 2011 closed meeting.
A closed meeting at IBC 2011 with a number of broadcasters showed great interest to the project’s idea and realization concepts among TV companies of different size and coverage area. We deeply appreciate all the opinions that were expressed during this demonstration.
Our SAS project got the name —
Stay tuned for the project information updates.
We started to work on a new very interesting project.
VPA version 3.0.4 is out.
Fixed errors:
  • Added LocalVITC configuration parameter. If the value of this parameter is not 0 and the external VITC timecode is given to the video server’s Sync input is used, then VPA calculate this timecode using the Local time-zone.
    Important notice! There are strong limitations for using Local time-zone VITC, because there are an
    uncertainty periods when moving from normal to daylight-saving time and back. In these periods its impossible to reconstruct
    the exact GMT time from the local time. This causes some time-based functions of the program to work incorrectly one hour before and
    one hour after moving from daylight-saving time and back. It’s strictly recommended to use VITC timecode in GMT time-zone.
    The default value for this parameter is 0. The parameter can be used both in the video server channel
    section and in the [Common] section.
  • New return value is added for the plug-ins loaded from the ProxyFilesLocationPlugin parameter. Now the plug-in can exit with three different states:
    • (not changed) Error. Plug-in returns non-zero exit code and prints the error text to the standard error output.
    • (not changed) Proxy. Plug-in returns zero exit code and prints the proxy-file names to the standard output.
    • (new) Loading HRV. Plug-in return zero exit code and prints “_load_hrv” string to the standard output. In this case the video player loads just HRV video.
  • The files created by the VPA.Multichannel Recorder could have too long names. A new configuration parameter IngestFileNameMaxLength is added to limit the file name length. If this limit is set to 0, then no limit is used. The parameter can be used in the same configuration sections as the corresponding IngestFileNameTemaplate parameter.
  • VPA Multichannel Recorder tried to rename recorded files right after starting the record. It appears that if starting the record and renaming the files are made almost simultaneously then some Omneon API calls does not work correctly. For example:
    • OmPlrGetClipFullName function could return an empty string instead of the real file name.
    • OmPlrClipRename function could return “player failure”.
    Because of these, now there is a pause of 200ms between starting the record and renaming files.
    Fixed an issue with renaming files if the file could not be renamed because of some error. Now in this case VPA Multichannel Recorder tries to rename files again up to 10 times with the rate of one try per second.
  • VPA Multichannel Recorder was not displaying buttons’ colors in the legend pane. Previous fix did not fix the error completely.
VPA version 3.0.3 is out.
Fixed errors:
  • VPA was crashed in case if the user started changing inner window size right after starting the program and stopping video sever synchronization process.
  • Timecode indicator could show wrong values if the timecode was after 99 hours or before −99 hours. This caused the “Free space” indicator to show wrong values.
  • The interface buttons for different channels in the VPA Multichannel Recorder showed the button pictures incorrectly offset when stopping the record.
  • VPA Multichannel Recorder had a leak of system’s GDI Objects.
  • VPA Multichannel Recorder interface did not displayed the button colors in the legend pane if the Windows XP with disabled themes was used.
  • VPA Multichannel Recorder had some file conflicts with the main VPA program. If the VPA playlist was cleared, than Multichannel Recorder automatically captured that video server channel. Now the capture of the video server channel having an empty playlist is performed only in the following cases:
    • right after the VPA Multichannel Recorder is started,
    • with the operator’s command.
  • The installer was not installing Guardant key drivers.
  • Guardant key driver is updated to version 5.50.82.
VPA version 3.0.1 is out.
Fixed errors:
  • Loading too large playlist causes video server to run out of RAM and working with faults. Added diagnostics for the video server’s free memory. The VPA periodically connects to the video server using telnet protocol (port 23) and checks the free memory using unix ’checkmem’ command. Current free memory value is displayed in the tooltip for Disk usage indicator and is also written to the log file on every change. If free memory goes lower then configurable limit (20MB by default) than Disk usage indicator becomes red alarmed state.
    New configuration parameter VideoserverMemoryMonitoringPeriod controls the period of checking the video server free memory.
    The value is set as MM:SS (00:05 by default) and the 00:00 values disables checks.
    New configuration parameter VideoserverFreeMemoryThreshold defines the integer free memory threshold in MB (20 by default).
    If the value goes beyond this limit — the Disk usage indicator becomes red.
  • VPA Switch Driver module could send commands to the PROFITT video router more frequent then once in 2 frames. This caused the router to skip some of the commands. Now there is 2 frame gap between the commands to change the router input and to switch to the selected input. Because of this change the configuration Delay for triggering PROFITT devices must be decreased by 2 frames.
    For example, if the Delay was set like this:
    then after fixing the Delay it becomes like this:
  • VPA Switch Driver module now dumps sent and received packets in the log file.
  • VPA Switch Driver module could switch the PROFITT video router while there is running mixing effect. This sometimes caused the router to finish the mixing effect incorrectly. Now the driver always checks router state and waits for mixing to finish before switching to the next input.
  • VPA Videosoft Driver module did not correctly freed used resources causing the processor overload.
  • VPA MMP Driver did not write any log files. Configuration, log and other working files for the Context Driver, GPI Driver, KR Driver, MMP Driver, Switch Driver, VN Driver are moved from the %LOCALAPPDATA%\VIDI folder to the user-independent “Application Data” folder – usually that is:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VIDI
    C:\Users\All Users\Application Data\VIDI
  • The preview video player is updated to version 1.7.0. The video decoder influence of the main VPA program eliminated by moving player to a separate process.
VPA version 3.0.0 is out.
New functions:
  • Added new VPA Mutichannel Recorder that is used to synchronously start recording with several video server channels.
  • The program configuration, log and other working files are moved to the %LOCALAPPDATA%\VIDI folder. The installer for the version 3.x automatically moves existing files to the new folder.
  • Guardant key driver is updated to version 5.40.80.
VPA version 2.27.3 is out.
Fixed errors:
  • Incorrect values for the “IN” and “OUT” fields where written in the Omnibus-formatted AsRun log. The timecodes were written using absolute offsets from the first clip frame, not including the real start timecode of the clip.
    Now the “IN” value is written as the real timecode of the first played frame of the event. If the event was performed
    without any pause, then the value equals to the Trim In of the event.
    The “OUT” value is written as the real timecode of the frame just following the last played frame. If the event was performed without any pause, then the value equals to the Trim Out of the event. Both values are calculated using the start timecode value of the clip.
  • Inserting or removing the playlist events located before the one that is currently playing caused VPA to write multiple AsRun log records for this event.
  • Using daylight saving time caused VPA to incorrectly calculate the air time of the events between 31st Dec 23:00 and 1st Jan 01:00.
  • Starting the first playlist event playout right after loading new playlist in 50% cases caused the incorrect timeline duration.
  • VPA sometimes crashed while loading playlist from backup copy.
  • VPA sometimes received corrupted file names from the videoserver.
  • The preview video player is updated to version 1.7.0. The video decoder influence of the main VPA program eliminated by moving player to a separate process.
VPA version 2.27.2 is out.
Fixed errors:
  • The error in VPA.Orad/VPA.VideoSoft/VPA.TitleBox Driver modules caused skipping of the secondary events after pausing and continuing the playback of the same clip. The secondary events continued to execute only after jumping to different event.
VPA version 2.27.1 is out.
Fixed errors:
  • The executable files did not contain correct program version.
  • The VPA.Orad Driver, VPA.VideoSoft Driver and VPA.TitleBox Driver were incorrectly processing the commands with no operands, but with the space symbol in the end, e.g. “hideallpages ”.
  • The secondary events were not loaded from the playlists created with the versions prior to 2.7.3.
  • In the case of program crash – its complete state is logged to special file named:
VPA version 2.27.0 is out.
New functions:
  • Added support for the additional time sources. TimeSource parameter in The configuration is used to choose the current time source. The parameter could take one of the values:
    • TimeSource=VITC+Videoserver
      If the video server’s ref.IN has a VITC signal coming, than it is used as a time source. The date is taken from video server current date. If no VITC signal is coming, than the video server’s date and time is used.
    • TimeSource=VITC+Computer
      If the video server’s ref.IN has a VITC signal coming, than it is used as a time source. The date is taken from program’s host PC. If no VITC signal is coming, than the host PC’s date and time is used.
    • TimeSource=Videoserver
      The video server’s date and time is used as a time source.
    • TimeSource=Computer
      The host PC’s date and time is used as a time source. This is the default.
    New parameter TimeAdjustmentThreshold is controlling the maximum gap between the video server’s frame counter and the time source. When the gap is reaching this threshold — the program automatically synchronizes the current time with the time source. The value is given in milliseconds. The default value is 1000 ms.
    The TimeSource and TimeAdjustmentThreshold parameters can be used both in the video server channel section and in the [Common] section.
  • New parameter ColorPlaylistBackground — controls the default background color for the playlist events. The value is set in the “RRGGBB” or “#RRGGBB” format. RR, BB, GG — are hexadecimal values for red, green and blue components of the color. If the value is omitted or it has incorrect format then the system default color is used. The default value is also set to the system default color.
    The ColorPlaylistBackground parameter can be used both in the video server channel section and in the [Common] section.
  • New menu command “View” / “Restore windows”. This command restores the size and position for all the floating windows to their default values.
  • Added support for GroupID and DeviceNumber parameters for PROFITT SDI 16X series Routers in VPA.Switch Driver module. It is sufficient to set the GroupID and DeviceNumber for the router, if there are several routers connected with the bus topology network.
    Example of usage:
Fixed errors:
  • Start on time function could fail if the starting event was short enough (few seconds). This happened because the video server is unable to Cue such short clips right after stopping play/record process. In this case the video server returns “track driver failure” error. Now the program maintains a pause between stopping previously running process and cueing the clip.
  • The ticks on the timeline’s scale were not corresponding the real timecode values in the “Timeline” floating window. Positioning with the timeline worked incorrectly also.
  • There was imprecision in procedure of converting timecodes to timing. This sometimes caused appearing of the superfluous frame in timecode. Now all PAL timecodes are converted precisely.
  • The “Record” events were converted to “Playout” events only after the whole playlist was recorded. Now each “Record” event is instantly converted to “Playout” event as soon as it is finished recording.
  • The “Playout” event editing window was restoring its size incorrectly, so there was a plain space left in the bottom part of the window.
  • “Send to MMP” and “Send to VN” commands were sometimes not active when these commands should be available.
  • The playlist backup copy was always written on program exit even if the backup copy of current playlist has already been made.
  • After exiting the application the backup could contain not the very last version of the playlist. In this case the program failed to load such backup playlist on the next start.
  • CONTEXTTEXT-type secondary events columns aligned the inner text to center. Now the text is left aligned.
  • New function for periodic logging of the current playlist event and also some events before and after the current event. This function is available only if the video server is not in the Stopped state, i.e. one of the events is cued for playout or recording. There are following parameters for configuring this function:
    • EnablePlaylistMonitoring=X
      X — is logging level number [1..3]. It controls logging of the playlist.
      Level 2 — video server playlist is logged.
      Level 3 — VPA playlist is logged.
      Level 1 — both video server and VPA playlists are logged.
      The default value is 1.
    • PlaylistMonitoringLookBehind=MM:SS
      These two parameters set the ranges of the logged part of playlist. The first parameter sets the time interval before the current playlist position and the second one sets the time interval after the current playlist position (both in minutes and seconds). The event is logged if it overlaps the interval even partly.
      The default values are:
    • PlaylistMonitoringPeriod=MM:SS
      The parameter sets the period for playlist logging. The default value is 01:00 (1 minute).
  • The reason for not loading the playlist backup is always logged now.
VPA version 2.26.0 is out.
New functions:
  • Important notice! Version 2.26.x is unable to load playlist backups created with the previous versions of the program! Before updating you should manually save current playlist.
  • “Record” event editing window “Trim In” and “Duration” fields are now editable. If the “Trim In” value is changed the “Duration” field is updated automatically and vice versa.
    The “Trim In” value is not saved to the recorded clip. The video server records the clip’s timecode according to its own configuration.
  • The playlist is now being periodically checked in a background.
    There are two checking loops. The bigger loop checks whole playlist, while the smaller loop checks only event that have to go on air soon. Both loops checks the events sequentially one by one. After all events are checked the loop is paused and then continues from the beginning.
    One full run of the bigger loop for the playlist with about 3000 events could take around 5 minutes. This means that the time between the error arisen and it is indicated could be up to 5 minutes (depends on a program configuration and playlist size).
    Smaller loop works only if the playlist is On Air — i.e. one of the events is playing, recording, paused of cued. This loop rapidly detects any errors in the events that are to be on air soon.
    The background playlist checking works only in the video server controlling mode and is automatically disabled in the playlist editor.
    The event being played is not checked.
    The following configuration parameters added to control background playlist checking:
    • AutoCheckPause — pause between two bigger loop runs. The value is in seconds. The default value is 1. Setting this parameter to 0 disables bigger loop.
    • PriorityCheckPause — the same as above for the smaller loop. The default value is 1.
    • PriorityCheckLookAhead — duration of the time interval checked by the smaller loop. The interval is counted from the end of the current event. Any event overlapping with the interval is checked.
      The value is MM:SS (MM for minutes, SS for seconds).
      The default value is 10 minutes.
    The parameters can be used both in video server channel section and globally in [Common] section.
  • VPA.Orad Driver module now rotates its log files. When the size of the log size reaches the value of the “logsize” parameter in [general] section of the module’s configuration file vpaoraddrv.ini (the default value is 2 MB), the log file vpaoraddrv.log is renamed to vpaoraddrv.1, vpaoraddrv.1 to vpaoraddrv.2, etc. till vpaoraddrv.4. The vpaoraddrv.4 is deleted.
  • Added macros support for trigger function in VPA.Orad Driver module.
  • New secondary event type – CONTEXTSWITCH. VPA.Orad Driver module configuration file vpaoraddrv.ini is appended with the following sections:
    <N> — is a number of section, and <ID> — is a number of the secondary event from the vpa.ini configuration file. <onMacroName> — is the name of macro that is called when the specified secondary event is on, <offMacroName> — is the name of macro that is called when the specified secondary event is off.
    Optional parameter “persistent” sets whether to keep (1, the default) the trigger state or not (0). This means that if there are several events in a row all having the specified secondary event set, then with the “persistent” parameter set to 1 the “OnMacro” will be triggered only once — for the first event in a row.
Fixed errors:
  • In some cases the program could not restore the playlist from playlist backup. The following cases are fixed:
    • Some files used in the playlist have changed/moved/renamed/deleted from the video server disk. Any of these events could prevent loading playlist from backup.
    • The program was closed so rapidly after making changes in the current playlist that the playlist backup was not updated properly. To avoid this now the program always saves playlist backup on exit.
  • The playlist backup could be loaded incorrectly if:
    • at the moment of saving playlist backup one of the clips referenced was missing on the video server disk,
    • this clip appeared on the video server disk before loading playlist from backup.
    In this case the program was unable to load playlist backup or even loaded it incorrectly. The event with appeared clip in the incorrectly loaded playlist was not marked as error nor it was loaded to the video server timeline. The event was skipped during sequential playout of the playlist.
  • Increased the speed of loading playlist backup.
  • If the program was unable to load playlist backup then the program automatically started to load the playlist from the video server. This process was uninterruptible. The “Cancel” button added to the progress bar window that stops the process.
  • The playlist version is changed. The program can open playlists from previous versions also but always saves in new format. Exclusion: the program is unable to load playlist backups saved by the previous versions.
  • Windows OS could alert that the program’s window is unresponsive. This happened during executing long operation that showed progress window without “Cancel” button. After Windows OS marked program’s window as unresponsive, the progress bar stopped updating till the end of the operation.
  • “File not found” error for the “Play” event stayed even after the file appeared on the video server disk.
  • Manual playlist checking inspected currently playing event. As the result of this inspection the event could be removed from the video server timeline (for example, the clip being played is deleted from the video server disk), and so the playlist checking function could stop playback or recording.
    The behavior of the function has changed: now checking the currently playing event marks this event with yellow color mark and logs to the report a message “The event is on air”. To remove this message and mark issue playlist checking again after the playback or recording has finished.
  • Added configuration parameters to limit the number of requests to video server when checking the playlist for errors.
    • ManualCheckRequestsPerSecondLimit — the limit for manually issued check.
    • RegularCheckRequestsPerSecondLimit — the limit for automatic check of the whole playlist.
    • PriorityCheckRequestsPerSecondLimit — the limit for automatic check of the events that have to go on air soon.
    • CommonRequestsPerSecondLimit — global limit for all types of checks. The value of this parameter is used for omitted parameters.
    The default value is 10 requests per second.
    These parameters can be used both in the video server channel section and globally in the [Common] section.
  • After finishing the record and transforming “Record” event to “Play” event the start timecode was not read from the recorded clip.
  • Added parameters controlling the verbosity of the log files, their size and count.
    • LogLevel — one of the 5 log levels available: 100 — error messages, 200 — warnings, 300 — information messages, 400 — debug, 500 — maximum number of messages.
    • LogMaxFileSize — maximum size of one log file in bytes. The default value is 4194304.
    • LogMaxFilesCount — maximum number of log files to keep. The default value is 4.
    These parameters can be used both in the video server channel section and globally in the [Common] section.
  • Logging of the commands, that are sent to video server has changed. The commands that change the video server state are logged on the log level 400. All the other commands that does not affect the video server state are logged on the log level 500.
  • Sometimes the router was switched incorrectly when using preroll parameter.
  • VPA.Switch Driver module now logs the commands sent to PROFITT video routes.
VPA version 2.25.0 is out.
New functions:
  • Added ability to use different preview video in the embedded video player. This function can be used to preview low resolution proxies, located on the separate NAS.
    To enable this function there are two configuration parameters: “ClipLocationPlugin” and “ProxyFilesLocationPlugin”. These parameters can be used both in the video server channel section and globally in the [Common] section.
    The value for these parameters is a command line used to call the external program — plug-in.
    For example:
    ClipLocationPlugin=c:\full path\program.exe /option1 /option2
    VPA passes the XML-formatted playlist with the only event (the one that is to be previewed with the embedded video player) to the plug-in’s stdin.
    The plug-in has to print the result of it’s work to stdout and exit with zero return.
    If the error occurred the plug-in has to print the error message to stdout and exit with non-zero return.
    The Input/Output with the plug-in is performed using UTF8 encoding.
    The output format:
    • ClipLocationPlugin — the plug-in has to output the full path to clip file. The file has to be readable from this PC. The file is loaded by VPA using the standard loading procedure: if it is a Quicktime reference, than the program read the referenced file names and loads them to video player.
    • ProxyFilesLocationPlugin — the plug-in has to output the list of semicolon separated full paths of all clip’s media files. Files have to be readable from this PC. No spaces or line breaks before or after file paths are allowed. VPA loads the received list of file to the video player “as is”, without any preprocessing.
  • New option “preroll” is available in [general] configuration section of the VPA.Orad/VPA.TitleBox Driver modules configuration files. This option sets fixed preroll in frames for sending commands to device. If the options is set then all the commands are sent to the device value number of frames before the event.
  • Now it is possible to pass arguments to secondary event function calls in VPA.Orad/VPA.VideoSoft/VPA.TitleBox Driver modules. The format of call is:
    &{<module name>::<function name>[ argument_1 [...[argument_N]...]]}
    The arguments are separated with spaces. If the argument contains spaces — it has to be taken in a double-quotes.
Fixed errors:
  • VPA.Orad Driver module had an error processing secondary events with the 00:00:00:00 timecode. These events sometimes were not executed, and sometimes were executed twice.
  • The program had a leak of GDI Objects. This caused the program’s main window to stop refreshing approximately after 24 hours uptime. All the other windows (other programs) also became unstable. This error first appeared in version 2.9.0.
  • Swapped the meaning of the timecode prefixes in VPA.Orad/VPA.TitleBox Driver modules. The “<” prefix is now used to indicate time to the end of event (previously used prefix was “-”). The “-” prefix is now used to indicate time to the start of event (previously used prefix was “<”).
  • VPA.Orad/VPA.TitleBox Driver modules was passing only 50% of commands to device in case if the starting command timecode was equal to the event’s end timecode.
VPA version 2.24.1 is out.
Fixed errors:
  • The process of loading playlist backup failed if the playlist contained clips with the full path longer then 64 chars.
  • If the video server timeline contains more clips then there are in the backup playlist, then the program became unstable: the playout event indication stopped working or even playout stopped working at all. Now in the same case the program shows the message saying that the backup playlist does not correspond the video server Playlist and then loads the playlist from the video server timeline.
  • If the video server timeline contained any of the “External line”, “Black”, “Stop” events, then process of playlist restoration from the video server failed.
  • VPA.Orad Driver module sometimes did not pass commands to Orad server.
VPA version 2.24.0 is out.
New functions:
  • New module VPA.VideoSoft Driver is added for controlling VideoSoft CG system. The module consists of two parts: the main module VPA.VideoSoft Driver and a supplementary VideoSoftAutomationLayer tool.
  • The main window displays timeline of the current event. The timeline allows to control the current position inside the event when the video server is in the paused state. The function is disabled by default. To enable the function use the configuration parameter
    It can be used both in the channel’s configuration section and in the [Common] section.
  • TitleBox driver was added.
  • Improved the Orad/TitleBox driver macros definition capabilities:
    • ability to use in macro not the only commands of the system, to which they will be passed, but also the names of other macros. Macros call nesting level is limited by the value of max_recursion_level parameter (default – 5).
    • ability to set the offset of the command from the starting timecode of the macros.
  • Added configuration parameter to completely disable built-in video player preview.
    It can be used both in the channel’s configuration section and in the [Common] section.
Fixed errors:
  • The built-in preview video player was created even if the preview was disabled or the video server preview was used. Now the built-in video player is created only if the corresponding preview mode is selected.
  • If the playlist contained several “Record” events and the video server was in stopped state, then the manual start of record of any event following the first one could fail.
VPA version 2.23.0 is out.
New functions:
  • Added support for 16X Series PROFITT SDI switcher to the VPA.Switch Driver module.
    The following VPA.Switch Driver module configuration parameter in the [DeviceX] section must be set to use this SDI switcher:
Fixed errors:
  • The VPA.GPI Driver module was not reacting to the GPI device disconnection when working with Miranda Little Red device.
VPA version 2.22.3 is out.
Fixed errors:
  • The video router was not switched if the playout of event was started manually.
  • If the following conditions were met:
    • the playout of the event is started with the function of the automatic playlist start and the negative router switching delay is used;
    • the positive switching delay is used;
    the program switched the router only once (the first time) after the program startup.
VPA version 2.22.2 is out.
Fixed errors:
  • The video router was not switched if the following conditions were met:
    • the playout of the event is started with the function of the automatic playlist start.
    • the negative router switching delay is used.
  • The video router was switched incorrectly on finishing playout of the “External line” event if the negative router switching delay was used.
  • The build-in video player used for clip preview was not working with Quicktime Reference format.
  • The In and Out timecodes were reset when opening “Play” event editing window.
VPA version 2.22.0 is out.
New functions:
  • Clip’s In and Out timecodes are now saved inside the Quicktime file. To use this function use “Save” button in the Play Event editing window.
Fixed errors:
  • The program’s playlist sometimes displayed incorrect video server status after issuing “Play” command. The playlist showed wrong event to be played at the moment.
  • The program reads timecodes from the Quicktime Self-contained files quite slowly. To speed up this process the program now checks if the video server is available and then reads clips timecodes from video sever.
    In the playlist editing mode the program still reads timecodes right from the files (slowly).
VPA version 2.21.0 is out.
New functions:
  • Added partial MXF format support. The following functions added:
    • Playout of the MXF Self-contained files with the Omneon video server.
    • Preview of the MXF Self-contained files in the built-in video player if the suitable DirectShow codecs are installed (codecs are not included in the VPA distribution).
  • Playlist file format has changed. The event can now store arbitrary data in the following format:
            <item name="name1" value="value1"/>
            <item name="name2" value="value2"/>
    The program keeps these data in the playlist in the unchanged form. <aux> section is loaded by the program only if the playlist has version 3.12 or higher.
  • VPA can now output As Run log in the Omnibus format. To use the Omnibus format set
    in the configuration file. This option can be set both in the channel’s section and in [Common] section. The “user data 1” field in the Omnibus format is filled with the value of “ReconcileKey” of the <aux> data.
Fixed errors:
  • The program was working incorrectly with Quicktime Self-contained file larger than 2GB. The error is fixed.
Other changes:
  • Configuration parameters with names AirLog* are renamed to AsRunLog*. Both names – old and new – are supported.
VPA version 2.20.0 is out.
New functions:
  • The software protection subsystem has changed. Now the program is protected with the license files. The hard-lock key dongle is not used any more. The following changes has been made:
    • “About...” window now shows the list of installed and activated licenses.
    • New License Manager tool allows viewing, installing and removing license files. The License Manager is started from the “About...” window or from the “Tools” menu.
    • During the startup the program first checks installed licenses. If no licenses are installed or the installed ones does not pass the verification, then the program alerts the user and opens the License Manager.
    • Two license types are supported:
      a) The basic license for the program. Allows to run the program and control up to three Omneon video server channels.
      b) Additional license to control three more Omneon video server channels.
    • The “Hardware key” is used to create sign the license file. This Hardware Key is created on the computer meant running the program. The VPA.Hardware Tool utility added to create Hardware Keys.
  • Popup windows now save their own position and size. These parameters are stored separately for each video server channel and each user. The program can be configured in a way that it shares size and position of the popup windows among several video server channels. To use this feature – set the following parameter for the selected video server channels:
  • Added support for Miranda Little Red LTC reader to the VPA.GPI Driver module. To use this type of devices use “miranda=1” parameter in the [serial] section of the driver’s configuration:
  • Added support for MODBUS protocol (Fastwel I/O CPM703 device) to the VPA.GPI Driver module. Fastwel I/O device must be configured properly using the configuration software package (supplied with the device). The IP address of the configured device is to be set as a value of the “host” parameter in the [modbus] section of the VPA.GPI Driver configuration:
    If the MODBUS device IP address is set – the VPA.GPI Driver works only with the MODBUS device but not with the other devices.
Fixed errors:
  • The “Record” and “Crash Record” commands were recording clips right in the root folder of the video server disk. This error is fixed, now the clips are recorded in the channel’s home folder by default.
  • The popup windows default position was wrong if the dual screen display is used. If the main window of the program was opened on a secondary screen, then the popup window appeared not over the main window, but in the middle of the primary screen. The error is fixed.
Other changes:
  • The interface of the VPA.VN Driver module has changed. This version of VPA is incompatible with the older versions of driver and vice versa.
VPA version 2.10.0 is out.
New functions:
  • Added support for PROFITT PDMX-1016T production mixer to the VPA.Switch Driver module.

    The following VPA.Switch Driver module configuration parameter in the [DeviceX] section must be set to use this production mixer:
    The protocol of the VPA.Switch Driver module has been changed. This version of VPA.Switch Driver is incompatible with the older versions of program, and vice versa — the older versions of program are incompatible with the new VPA.Switch Driver.
Fixed errors:
  • 2.9.x version was setting up the VIDI Player (VPCtl) 1.6.6, that was incompatible with the VIDI News and VIDI MMP. The VIDI Player is updated to version 1.6.8.
  • The program was unable to read timecodes from the Quicktime files, that were created with the Final Cut Pro NLE.
  • The Start Menu item and the desktop link “VIDI Play-To-Air Editor” was not removed during uninstall procedure.
  • The English language menu “Window” was lack of the opened playlists list.
  • The “Playlist errors” window was warping long error message lines, so clicking on the long error message set the playlist cursor to wrong event. The horizontal scroll bar has been added to the “Playlist errors” window and the long message lines warping is disabled.
  • New configuration parameter “ForceOffAirContext”. If the parameter is set to “0”, the context driver sends secondary events data only if the program is “On Air”. If the parameter is set to “1”, then the secondary events data are always sent through context driver interface.
VPA version 2.9.1 is out.
Fixed errors:
  • The option to reorder playlist columns is removed.
  • The program was not playing the clips with no starting timecode set.
  • The main menu “Window” and “Tools” items positions has been swapped.
VPA version 2.9.0 is out.
New functions:
  • A control showing hard disk capacity and free space available for the video server was added to the status bar of the main window. The control is displaying three different colors: green (by default, the disk is filled less than 85%), yellow (by default, the disk is filled more than 85%, but less than 95%), and red (the disk is filled more than 95%). These thresholds are configurable. To change the threshold use the [Common] section configuration variables: DiskUsageYellowThreshold and DiskUsageRedThreshold respectively.
  • Added tool-tips for all the panels of the main window status bar.
Fixed errors:
  • The program was ignoring the starting timecode for the clips, recorded by the Omneon video server. The starting timecodes for such clips were considered to be zero. This caused the clips recorded by the Omneon video server to be sent with the zero starting timecode to the MMP server. The error is fixed. Now the starting timecodes of such clips are correctly displayed in any interface timecode fields.
  • There was a 1 second delay while loading timecodes for the clip in the following windows: the Play event editing window, Window for delivery to the VIDI MMP, Window for delivery to the VIDI News. The error is fixed.
  • The program quited unexpectedly after finishing processing the record event, if the event had an option to automatically send to the VIDI MMP server set.
  • The error message “The server was unable to process your request” appears sometimes while deleting a large playlist from server, leaving some of the clips in the playlist. The procedure of deleting the clips from the playlist was fixed to eliminate this error.
  • In some cases there was an error while loading the playlist from file. The log message appearing was: “OmPlrDetachAllClips(): network timeout error.”. The procedure of deleting all clips from the current playlist was fixed to eliminate this error.
  • Video Server Channel Selection window showed only available video server channels. Now the window shows all the channels, that are set in the configuration file. When choosing a channel that is not found on the video server – the program shows a message “Player not found. Please check the video server configuration”.
  • The program continued execution silently, if the command line parameter contained an unknown video server channel option. Now the program displays an error message in this case.
  • The “End timecode” field in the event editing window could be blank for the “Black”, “Play” and “External line” event types if the program did not yet calculated TOA for the event.
  • A “Quick create from template” command did not open the event editing window.
  • The program was asking whether to save the template file when closing template window. Now the program auto-saves the template file on closing the template window.
  • The “Play” command now works even if the cursor focus is set to the event, that cannot be played. In this case the programs starts playing the first playable event down from the cursor position (“Play”, “Blank” or “External line” event types). Exclusion: If the cursor is set on the “Record” event or the first playable event down from the cursor position is of “Record” type, then the “Play” command does not work. In this, and any other case, when the “Play”, “Cue” or “Record” commands cannot be issues – they are disabled in the menu and the toolbar.
    The “Record” event works vice versa: it start the first recordable event down from the current cursor position if there are no “Play” events between the cursor position and the next “Record” event.
    The “Cue” command works for both – playout and record.
  • If the tool window is not docked to the main window, then the window title now starts with the video server channel name. For example, the docked window has the title “Status” – then the floating window would have the status like “B-DV Status”.
  • If the Setup Wizard was called from the main menu, the user continued to work with the current configuration (the changes are not applied without program restart.), but there was no warning message. Now the warning message is displayed, that the program restart is required, if the configuration is changed.
  • With Windows XP OS the video server connection indicator was not updated after program startup. Now the indicator is updated every time the status changes.
  • If the cursor position was set to the last event in the playlist, the “Select group” command caused the program to quit unexpectedly. The error is fixed.
  • The playlist backup was not loaded after using video server channel preview. To reproduce the problem – open the “Play” event editing window, preview the clip using video server channel, close the event editing window and restart the program. The reloaded program refused to restore playlist from backup. The error is fixed.
  • The File choosing dialog window captured the F5 shortcut key in the way, that the key stopped working in any other running applications. The error is fixed.
  • The chosen file left unchanged after changing the current folder in the File choosing dialog window. If the user chosen a file in one folder, then changed the current folder, then pressed OK button – then the file from the first folder was chosen.
    Now, after changing the current folder – the chosen file is reseted and the OK button becomes inactive.
  • The “Refresh” button in the File choosing dialog window was collapsing all the opened folders in the tree. Now the “Refresh” button does not change the collapse state of the folders in the tree.
  • In the English user interface version: the word “Chrono” is replaced with the word “Duration” in “Record” and “Blank” dialogs.
  • The keyboard shortcuts are now blocked if the corresponding menu item is disabled.
  • The “On Air”, “Cue”, “Play”, “Pause”, “Stop”, “Record” and “Crash record” commands were enabled when the video server connection was inaccessible.
Other changes:
  • The playlist version is changed. The playlist files from this version is incompatible with the older versions of the program. The backward compatibility is left of – the playlists from any older versions could be opened by this version of program.
  • This version uses Omneon Player API 5.3 instead of Omneon Player API 2.0 used before.
  • The main menu is appended with the new sub-menu “Tools”. The “Check selected events”, “Check all” and “Set timecodes” commands from the “Control” sub-menu and the “Edit templates...” command from the “File” sub-menu are moved to this new sub-menu.
  • The “Tools” sub-menu is appended with a new “Setup wizard...” command, that starts the setup wizard.
  • The “Settings...” button label in the Video Server Channel Selection window is changed to “Setup wizard...”.
VPA version 2.8.1 is out.
Fixed errors:
  • The installer did not install Guardant Hardlock driver.
  • The “Timecode” and “Time of Air” fields were not updated in the Play Event Properties window during the playout.
  • The application crashed while trying to load zero-length clip into the preview window.
  • The installer did not check whether the module being installed is running. Now the installer checks for running instances and asks to close them. Also the installer checks for already running installer instance and does not run more than once.
  • NTSC preview didn’t work: the preview video played backwards at about 3 fps rate.
  • File/Refresh command crashed the application.
  • File/Refresh command asked to save playlist if it was modified. Now the command just warns, that the unsaved changes would be lost without overwriting the current playlist file.
  • Sometimes the router device was not switched in the following conditions:
    – the delay for the switch-layer in configuration is set below zero.
    – two playlist events, used to switch the router are separated with one or more accessorial events (“Group”, “Time reference”, etc.)
  • The autostart events did not start playback or recording after loading playlist from the backup.
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We introduce our new site which helps our partners to find best components for their IT Broadcasting solutions.
Also check out our best product VPA – effective automation for Omneon.
VPA version 2.7.3 is out.
Fixed errors:
  • File selection dialog had lack for sorting by file name function.
VPA version 2.7.2 is out.
Fixed errors:
  • Sometimes the application crashed while closing a window with the built-in video player control (if the player was playing a clip).
  • Sometimes the router device was not switched in the following conditions:
    – the delay for the switch-layer in configuration is set below zero.
    – two playlist events, used to switch the router are separated with one or more accessorial events (“Group”, “Time reference”, etc.)
  • The log file appended with a messages about automatic start of “Time of start” events.
VPA version 2.8.0 is out.
New functions:
  • New event type “External line” (“EXT”). It works just like “Blank” event with the only difference: the playback of the event never stops automatically; after playing the duration set – the “Time to end” counter goes negative and continues the playback. The switch to the next event is performed manually.
    In connection with this, a new configuration parameter ExtEventDefaultChrono added. This parameter sets the default duration for “EXT” event in form “hh:mm:ss:ff”. The default value is “01:00:00:00”.
  • The current playlist is now being backed up to video server disk. The backup is made automatically in the background after any change in the playlist. At the start, the application checks whether there is playlist backup on the video server disk and if it corresponds the current playlist in the video server memory – then the backup automatically loaded and the playback/record process is continued without any breaks. These allows high availability VPA clustering.
  • The application status bar is appended with a graphical control, showing free space on the video server disk.

Fixed errors:
  • If the capabilities to send clips to VIDI MMP and VIDI News are disabled – no “Delivery” column is being displayed now in the playlist window.
VPA version 2.7.1 is out.
Added partial support for DV25/Quicktime Self-contained file format. VPA now supports:
  • playout,
  • preview on Omneon video-port.

Capture and screen preview functions are not yet supported for this format.
VPA version 2.7.0 is out.
The clip selection window is improved:
  • Media files information is loaded in background. The window is always alert of user’s actions, even if there are network delay while accessing remote files.
  • Improved speed of working with lots of files.
  • The window state (size, position, opened and collapsed folders, selected file) is kept saved.

Fixed errors:
  • Sometimes the application crashed on exit.
VPA version 2.6.13 is out.
Fixed errors:
  • While using “Quick create event” function to create a new “Blank” event, the “Out time” field had an empty value in the corresponding “Event properties” dialog.
  • While editing playlist, some playlist events are flagged with “Timecodes changed#148; error.
    The error message for “Timecodes changed#148; error has changed. Now it contains both new and old timecode values.
    Because of the error in Quicktime parser the timecode read from .MOV file was 1 frame less than the real one. The error appeared for some clips in MPEG2 format.
  • In the editing mode the In & Out timecodes were not saved. The error appeared in the following conditions:
    – playlist editing mode,
    – the clip has non-zero In timecode.
    Symptoms: when opening “Play event” window – the timecodes become red-colored, indicating an error because the In timecode value was dropped to 0 for a second; after, the Out timecode was set to end of media, ignoring current playlist value.
New version 2.6 of VPA product is released.
New function is now available: planning and checking on air time of playlist events.