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Multichannel broadcasting TV company (Omneon MediaDeck or Omneon Spectrum)

Multichannel broadcasting of the prepared content.

VPA - Omenon Server Automation: Multichannel broadcasting

Operational process

  • Playlist preparation. The broadcasting schedule is imported from the traffic system. VPA-Editor software is used to prepare playlists, insert break bumpers and cutaways, PROMO, ads and different secondary events. VPA-Editors outputs a playlist and a delivery list, that is used to deliver media files to Omneon disk storage.
  • Media delivery. Media delivery subsystem copies media files from the network storage server to Omneon disk storage.
  • Playout. VPA controls playlist playout and secondary events execution. As-Run-Log is recorded and exported back to the traffic-system.

Solution Features

  • Import of the playlists from Excel and traffic-systems.
  • Usage of the independent network file storage server for media & playlist preparation. Interface for integration with the file delivery software, that utilizes «delivery lists».
  • –°oncurrent work with the playlists.
  • Export of the As-Run-Log to Excel or traffic-systems (through plug-ins interface).
  • Rich functions for playlist editing – operations with the group of events, air time planning and control, automatically calculate and display timing errors, alert on the missing material errors.
  • Full usage of Omneon server redundant features.
  • GPI output for controlling LOGO Inserters and On-Air Graphics systems.

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