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Rebroadcasting TV company (with Omneon MediaDeck)

This is a standard solution for small broadcast companies. It supports ingest, packaging, ad insertion, playlists creation and their playout.

VPA - Omenon Server Automation: Rebroadcast TV company with Omneon MediaDeck

Operational process

  • Ingest. Media is ingested – scheduled or manually (crash recording) using one of the Omneon MediaDeck ports. Ingest is controlled with the VPA software.
  • Packaging. The second Omneon MediaDeck port is used to prepare the broadcasting of playlists. With the rich playlist editing functions VPA allows rapidly split, join, replace and change order of playlist events. Non-linear editing (for example, Final Cut Pro) also can be done directly from Omneon MediaDeck drives through the network.
  • Playout. The playlist prepared is loaded into the third VPA, that is controlling the playout Omneon MediaDeck port. VPA controls Omneon MediaDeck playout. It also controls other devices through the secondary events. VPA user interface allows to control playout and change playlist on-the-fly.

Solution Features

  • Import of the record-lists from Excel and traffic-systems. Export of the As-Run-Log to Excel or traffic-systems (through plug-ins interface).
  • Preview the playlist events on computer monitor without stopping current recording/playing operation on the corresponding Omneon MediaDeck port.
  • On-the-fly editing of the current executing playlist or record-list.
  • Rich functions for playlist editing – operations with the group of events, air time planning and control, automatically calculate and display timing errors, alert on the missing material errors.
  • Full usage of Omneon server redundant features.
  • GPI output for controlling LOGO Inserters and On-Air Graphics systems.

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