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VIDI MMP LiveMaster offers full-cycle workflow for production and broadcasting of sophisticated programs in various broadcasting environments such as TV, Radio, Internet, IP and Mobile networks. The set of software modules effectively meets the requirements of news and entertainment production and broadcasting both for traditional TV broadcasters and present-day converged mass media.

Solution key functionality

  • Processing of messages coming from news agencies, Web resources monitoring, external (satellite) lines recording
  • Events calendar, planning and management of newsmakers, work with metadata, texts, captions and graphics; rundowns and news shows control
  • On-line, near-line and off-line storage functionality (MAM); control of technical metadata, attributes, annotations, cataloguing, search, LRV preview
  • Support of batch operations with shared content database
  • Work with scripts, search and browsing of media materials, shot lists and cut lists creation, work with texts
  • Real-time network editing
  • Media materials delivery to NLE stations or media servers
  • Multi-format conversion of media materials
  • Control room functionality (automated multi-channel and multi-window broadcasting; multi-window layout, dynamic display of external data, promo generation)
  • Production studio functionality
  • Workstations’ remote access to the system resources
  • Platform for DVB-H, Internet broadcasting, media materials publishing, Video-on-demand

Solution compatibility

  • Support of basic formats including Native DV25/50, MPEG2(i), MPEG (GOP), D1; MPEG4
  • Support of present-day video services
  • Support of top-ranked professional non-linear editors
  • Support of professional broadcast equipment from various manufacturers

Solution benefits:

  • Media materials speed to air enterprise cost reduction
  • Targeting new audiences and new broadcasting environments
  • Modular architecture of the system
  • Cost-effective mobile office technology and low-cost data transfer and processing
  • The industry standards support, legacy infrastructure and flexibility in scaling the system protect broadcaster investments
  • System failure reduction, monitoring subsystems and fault-tolerant architecture make the system management cost-effective
  • Installation and system management service and support