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VPA PRO is a set of software modules that allows building automation systems based on Omneon media servers. It supports external device control and supplementary software modules («plug-ins») for extended functionality like playlist import, as run log export, upload list and media upload/ off-load control.

The product is meant for the sales through Media IT Profy Channel Partners in IT and Media & Broadcasting. It is used as a fully-customized solution that allows configuring the system under the needs of the end user. Easy to install and maintain, easy to configure for interoperability with the existing automation solutions and external devices.

VPA PRO is designed to build a wide range of solutions for production, postproduction and broadcasting. Among them are:
  • broadcast automation
  • recording systems
  • recording complexes, crash positioning, reruns in live studios
  • media materials preparation for playout (off-site storage and repositories)
  • production of commercial ads and programs in regional offices

Multichannel broadcasting TV company (with Omneon MediaDeck or Omneon Spectrum)
Rebroadcasting TV company (with Omneon MediaDeck)

Purchase terms

Proprietary software, accessible through certified partners in VPA project, unlimited license, annual license — as a part of Annual Service Agreement (ASA)


Maintenance and support are provided within the support program for VPA Partners: free trial versions, access to database of ready-made solutions and software modules, consultancy services, project design, installation and configuration, partner training and certification, end user training, warranty/post warranty maintenance and support, made to order software modules development.

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  VPA - Omenon Server Automation: VPA Main Interface VPA Main Interface

VPA - Omenon Server Automation: VPA Event Preview window VPA Event Preview window

VPA - Omenon Server Automation: VPA Secondary events routing VPA Secondary events routing

VPA - Omenon Server Automation: VPA MDI Playlist editor VPA MDI Playlist editor

Key benefits


  • Playlist playout is isolated within the Omneon media server. Failures in the controlling subsystem do not affect playlist playback.
  • Real-time full remote control of the Omneon video port
  • Redundancy-enabled architecture allowing rapid restoration of playlist playout control after the failure without interruption in broadcasting
  • Editing mode: editing and review of media materials on Omneon server without access to media server ports
  • Remote monitoring of accessibility and performance


  • Sharing Omneon server with other automation systems (for example, Omneon Clip Tools);
  • Supplementary software modules to integrate with NAS; DAM/MAM; NRCS; Traffic and other systems;
  • Editing and preview of media materials right from the Samba file storage systems (editing mode);
  • Supplementary software modules for CQ, media transcoding and their upload to media servers
  • External device control:
    • GPI control through hardware Ethernet-to-GPI bridge device;
    • Video routers connected to VPA PC via Ethernet (for example, Snell&Willkox or Network Electronics);
    • CG and graphic station control via Ethernet (for example, Snell&Willkox or ORAD)

Open Extendable System

  • Modular architecture of all software components
  • Plug-ins interface to extend interoperability with other systems — import play- & record-lists, export as-run-log & delivery-list
  • Open format of playlists and configuration files (XML)
  • Open specification for import/export plug-ins
  • Playout context output through simple TCP API;
    Notice: with VPA-ContextDriver module installed.

Core functions

  • Playlist playing and recording
  • Crash recording
  • Trimming clips with the preview function either in a built-in video player or on a free Omneon video output
  • Easy-to-use playlist editor with support of batch operations
  • Planning and checking on-air time
  • Daylight saving changes support
  • Time-focused automatic start-up of playlist
  • Playlist errors control: media files availability, timecodes and and other possible issues, that may affect playout
  • Open XML-based format of playlists
  • As run log
  • Redundancy: changeover to standby facility without interruption in broadcasting
  • Plug-ins mechanism to import playlists from traffic systems
  • Remote preparation of playlists
  • GPI devices control
  • CG servers control
  • Video routers control
  • Integration with VIDI News NewsRoom (any NRCS system)
  • Integration with VIDI MMP MAM (or any other DAM/MAM system)
  • Integration with Samba file storage systems or repositories
  • Integration with Media Client to upload/off-load of media materials